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How to choose the best California Medicare Plan

The 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment season will start October 15th, 2017

Medicare beneficiaries who want to make changes to their prescription drug plans or Medicare Advantage coverage may do so then.

This is when Medicare’s annual open enrollment 2017 period begins. This year, there might be somewhat fewer advantage plans to pick from, but in general you may still expect plenty of options.

As that time approaches, you might find your mailbox overflowing with sales brochures from insurance companies pitching California Medicare Plans. Best advice is to ignore them.

Choosing your California Medicare Plan

Make sure you see all the plans in your area. Plans will vary between companies. It pays to shop around early.

to speak with a licensed Medigap Plan insurance professional who can help you
select a plan that fits you – at a premium you can afford.

Or visit Medicare Health Insurance Facts to learn more about California Medicare Plans for 2017.

Standalone Prescription Drug Plans – Medicare Part D 2019

The number of Part D standalone prescription drug plans will drop 14%, to about 1000 plans. This is the smallest number of offerings since the Medicare Part program began in 2006. However; seniors across the country including California will still have a choice of at least two dozen plans in their area.

The drug plans consolidations, which drive the reductions in choices will likely shift many beneficiaries into lower cost plans, which result in an average premium decline of 2%, to $38.95

Studies reveal that if people would switch their plans, they would save money, but many do not switch plans even when the advantages of their plans change and even of a different plan meets their needs better. Medicare advocates believe enrollees should revisit their current plan choices and looks around to see if other options would fit their needs. 2019 Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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